Project NAPTIME – Two dutch boys trying to tour Sweden without any money and tickets

Two Dutch boys dropped off in Malmö to tour Sweden, Poland and Germany to finally get back to Holland.

All without any money and only with thre sets of clothes and two GoPro cameras for documentation.

I just accidently met the boys at Stockholm C when I spotted their two GoPro cameras and made an on the spot interview with them in the main waiting hall.

The project is a kickstart project funded by independent contributors an supported by Dutch Television.

When I met them in Stockholm they were trying to get by SJ train to Malmö without any money.

When I left the two boys they were just trying to get to Malmö by SJ train witout any money.

Did they get to Malmö ? – No, they did not.

"They did not have any ticket and no money" the conductor on they train said.

The kickstart of the projet can be found at

You can follow the project at Facebook at

The result of the project can be watched at


2 svar to “Project NAPTIME – Two dutch boys trying to tour Sweden without any money and tickets”

  1. Martin Says:

    ”This video is private.” 😉


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